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2 months ago

Microlearning For Corporate Training – What, Why, And How

Microlearning –knowledge in short, focused nuggets– is ideal to deal with training challenges caused by employees’ dwindling attention spans. Micro modules ensure better knowledge retention and application. Read this article to know what microlearning is and how it facilitates effective training. It takes you 7 minutes to read. What You Need To Know About Microlearning...

2 months ago

5 Ways To Use Microlearning For Informal Learning

Formal learning programs are synonymous with full-scale eLearning courses, instructor-led trainings, strong Instructional Design strategies and an extensive curriculum, all mapped in a very structured way. However, carefully constructed courses are not the only way learners can acquire skills and knowledge. Research shows that over 80% of employees learn their job from informal learning. Informal...

3 months ago

4 Ways To Make Performance Management Easier With Learning Technology

Is there any silver bullet of successful performance management? The answer lies in a right learning management system with critical insight into the problems and deficiencies of the employees, whose improvement through corporate training are of vital importance to the overall development of a company. The following passage puts forward 4 points to help training managers in practice,...