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1 year ago

Using Corporate Incubators and Accelerators To Drive Disruptive Innovation

Corporations are establishing incubators, e.g., Samsung, and accelerators, e.g., Orange, in order to advance their disruptive innovation initiatives. They are doing so on their own, e.g., Samsung, Swisscom, or in partnership with independent accelerators, e.g., Disney, Microsoft, and Barclays have partnered with Techstars. The terms “incubator” and “accelerator” are frequently used interchangeably to denote an organization that…

1 year ago

How to Organize Digital Innovation Horizons

In a Digital Transformation, how can you organize multiple digital innovations, knowing they have different horizons in terms of business impact? It is in the nature of many Digital Transformations to be journeys where well-defined, mature digital initiatives co-exist with very fluid emerging ones. Yet they serve the same overarching goal defined for Digital. If this is the case, comes…