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10 months ago

The Definitive Guide Growth Hacking #Infographic

Today, many online businesses enthusiastic are struggling with their confusion about the concept of growth hacking and customer acquisition strategies, mainly because there are only a few reliable growth hacking guide for entrepreneurs Many digital marketers spend hours applying so called growth hacking techniques that they have read from here and there without paying close...

10 months ago

Why Startups Fail #Infographic

This cool infographic by Technorian.com highlights 56 reasons that can result in demise of a startup. Those are complemented well by 45 experts from around the world with their words of wisdom. Hopefully, you can learn many things from it about how to move ahead rightly with your startup. Here are the most common business...

10 months ago

The role of a data scientist and why we need them

The growing importance of data analytics in business is leading to the appointment of senior data scientists to provide company-wide insights. Big data analytics can transform how businesses operate. While marketing and sales businesses cottoned on to this early, more and more previously non-tech-focused companies are realising the benefit of having expertise on board. “The...