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11 months ago

How Supply Chain 4.0 Creates Game-changing Customer Experience

Supply Chain Management (SCM) has always embraced new technologies that promised to fundamentally change the way supply chains operate: Sea containers were introduced to efficiently ship goods around the globe; computer-supported planning software improved production schedules beyond imagination; and RFID technology promised to revolutionize processes by identifying products without a direct line of sight. The...

1 year ago

The top 6 supply chain logistics trends for 2016

Popular “Space Age” TV shows from the 1960s like Lost in Space, My Favorite Martian, The Jetsons and even Star Trek all featured futuristic wearable “smart” technology, personal jetpacks, remote drones and intelligent robots. “It’s essential to have flexibility and adaptability.” – Rayford Collins, supply chain optimization expert with the UPS Customer Solutions group. Fast-forward a few decades, and…