The Definitive Guide Growth Hacking #Infographic

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Today, many online businesses enthusiastic are struggling with their confusion about the concept of growth hacking and customer acquisition strategies, mainly because there are only a few reliable growth hacking guide for entrepreneurs

Many digital marketers spend hours applying so called growth hacking techniques that they have read from here and there without paying close attention to the most important factors that can boost their conversion rate, Obviously the result is not satisfactory. The main reason they can’t achieve a great result is overlooking the value of a lean Business Model, and unique value proposition.

The secret to success with your growth hacking strategy is to have a proven framework in place, and align your growth marketing initiatives with your business plan. Following a proven growth pattern can increase your success ratio, significantly. Generally, you can break down the growth hacking framework into 3 steps: attract, activate, and engage.

Check out the below definitive guide for growth hacking Gifographic (animated infographic). It is fun to read and very informative as it explained the four essential steps of customer acquisition process, and growth hacking strategy.

The Definitive Guide Growth Hacking #Infographic

Source: Visualistan

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