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The Dividing Line: Project and Product Manager

Inevitably, if you work as a product manager, it can be assumed that you have done project management to some degree in your role. Additionally, you may have worked in a department without a designated project manager, making it necessary for you to take on more project ownership outside of your core product responsibilities. This helps perpetuate the confusion around what the core responsibilities are…

The Best Digital Companies Are Set Up to Never Stop Innovating

Companies born before the internet took hold have an enormous challenge: improving their online products and services at the warp speed of their online competitors. The ability to make thousands of changes a day to its online retail service has been a key reason Amazon is expanding its online lead over Walmart and other historically “bricks and mortar” retailers….

5 key competencies of a product manager

A typical product manager role is defined as the ‘GM/CEO’ of the product. It is an entrepreneurial role to drive business, long term customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. But what are the competencies that are associated with effective and successful product managers? Linda Grochels – a top author and executive educator at Wisconsin School of Business calls out these five Drive…