The Future of Books

When you reach for your book at the end of the day, is it paperback or electronic? Though eBooks were slated to overtake print books in 2015 it just didn’t happen. There was a 10% drop in eBook sales and a 2% increase in paper book sales during that time period. Because there are pros and cons to both, most people go back and forth depending on their needs.

Paper books are great because you can read them during takeoff and landing in a plane, no one is going to steal them from your pool bag as you swim, and you can trade books with your friends easily. But eBooks are not without their advantages. Instead of carrying multiple books on a long trip or not being able to find reading material in your language, eBooks can be downloaded anywhere any time. Learn more about the future of books from this infographic!


By Brian Wallace
Founder @NowSourcing | Infographic Scholar

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